A Detailed Yet Simplified Guide On How To Prepare Your Roof For Solar Panel Installation

Apart from the fact that you will be actively participating in preserving the planet through the use of sustainable and renewable energy in your home, installing solar panels on your property will come with a host of other benefits including tax rebates, reduced monthly utility expenses, increased property value, and more market opportunities should you decide to sell the property, among others.

If you have chosen to go solar, there is one thing you should remember: the efficacy of your solar panels will depend on how well they are installed, and, the first step towards proper solar panel installation is ensuring that your roof is ready for the installation.

Below is a guide on how to prepare your roof for the installation of solar panels …

First, check the general health and condition of your roofing. Remember that the installers will have to go atop your roof to install panels. Is your roof sturdy enough to hold the weight of the installers and the panels? Depending on the state of your roofing, you may have to reinforce weak areas and bars to ensure that they can support the panels and to avoid catastrophic accidents during the installation process.

For solar panels to remain on your roof even when there are extreme weather conditions, they will need to be affixed to something firm. Ensure that your roofing has strong beams or rafters that have the strength to hold out against extreme weather such as storm winds.

Next, clean any debris on your roof such as branches and twigs. This is to ensure that the panels are placed on a smooth surface that doesn’t have any obtrusions. Cleaning your roof will prevent panels from getting damaged as well as shorten the time it takes for the installation to complete.

Remember that solar panels only work when they have access to direct sunlight. If there are any obstructions that are blocking sun rays from your rooftop, it is important that you clear them. This means you should get rid of things such overarching branches hanging over your roof.

As we mentioned earlier installers will have to go on top of your roof to install panels. Even with the most skilled and seasoned installers carrying out the installation, unplanned accidents can occur. To protect yourself, check if your still have a valid warranty on your roofing. Depending on the condition of your roof, it may also be a good idea to comprehensively insure your roof before inviting solar panel installers.

On carrying out the steps above, you can make the work of installers easier (and perhaps cut back on the overall installation costs in the process) by marking out the specific area where you want the panels installed. The only condition is that you should pick an area with direct access to sunlight preferably throughout most of the day. If you don’t know how to pick the best installation area, ask your installer to help you pick out the best location for the panels.

Final Word

Preparing your roof for solar panel installation can be a risky venture given that you will have to climb atop the roof for almost all preparation processes. A great option is to approach a solar installation company that offers solar finance options that can help you afford the cost of professional installation. If you are not handy, don’t risk your life by attempting to ‘DIY’ everything. Consider hiring a handyman to help you prepare your roof for the upcoming installation.